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Move In / Move Out

Moving is really a tumult regardless of how a person may handle this. Moving in or moving out to some new home whether it’s anywhere can make you feel exhausted.

You don’t need to worry about relocating because of our Trained and Dedicated Staff which will take care of the cleaning part of your new or old location.

How does our Apartment Cleaning program work?

Move in Cleaning

Our Maid Service Staff will vacuum and clean the floor and windows completely and thoroughly before moving the furniture in. It will make sure that there is no accumulation of dust. We will make sure that kitchen cabinets are also neat and clean.

If you have undertaken pest control work, ask the cleaners to neutralize the odour, if any and if you are moving in to a furnished apartment with electronic appliances, our cleaners will disinfect the equipment.

Move Out Cleaning

Our Staff will mop and clean all the rooms of the house which will also include all the windows. Scrub and clear the grime and dirt on kitchen counter tops, walls and cabinets. Remove and clean the exhaust fan and kitchen hood which will be packed with grime and oil. Thoroughly clean and disinfect all the electronic appliances. Clean and scrub the grout between the floor and wall tiles, the sides of the bath tub and all fixtures.

If you are looking for move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai, we are here to help you out.

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